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Prayer Line
Monday & Friday 8:00 pm
call 1-218-548-0958 Code: 488894

At all times we pray for those that are weak, in pain or ill. We pray for those seeking employment. We pray for our children and families that they might be healthy, both physically and emotionally. We pray for our leaders, teachers and our healers. We pray for those that serve. We pray for those in mourning.

We pray blessings upon all and give thanks for all that we have, knowing that others are less fortunate. We pray that we can be all that Christ expects of us each and every day. We pray that others find their way to Jesus.



Serving God and His people with our

Hearts, Mind, Body and Soul

God's Chosen Ones Ministry

Meeting at:
Araamda Inn & Suites
5985 Oakbrook Parkway
Norcross, GA 30093